Process Flow

Process Flow
Dhanush Telemedicine product suite is a combination of hardware and software tools at the patient end and the doctor end, which are connected through a medical health records database repository. This product suite enables medical consultant to access, detailed Clinical History, Vital parameters of the patient and provide consultation in real time. All the data on the vitals collected is stored in a repository, which can be accessed by the medical consultant for effective treatment.
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Patient Health Records (PHR)
Patient to Hub Doctor

Flow -1 Patient from PHC to Hub Doctor

  • Patient walking in to the PHC and get register into the telemedicine application
  • Once patient get registered or patient already registered then RMP/HCW will capture the vitals along with family history and purpose of visit
  • If RMP/HCW feels that the patient required specialist RMP consultation then RMP/HCW will schedule the call to HUB doctor
  • Based on the availability HUB doctor will communicate to the patient via telemedicine  video conference
  • Once specialist consultation is completed respective patient will get prescription
  • If any surgery or any super specialist consultation required hub doctor or HCW will refer to district hospital
  • Based on prescription patient will walk in to the pharmacy /laboratory to take the services accordingly
  • Lab and Pharmacy related equipment/Drugs and staff will be provided by GOUK
  • Flow-2 Patient to Hub Doctor

  • Patient will consult the hub doctor via mobile application
  • Mobile application will be available in google play store so that patient will download and install the application
  • Patient will self-Register via OTP authentication and login into the application and select available hub doctor and can have video conference call
  • Flow -3 Asha to RMP Doctor at PHC

    • Asha from field can login into the mobile application and consult the RMP Doctor at PHC
    • Asha will go door to door if any patient required doctor consultation then Asha will register the patient and then call to RMP Doctor at PHC
    • Once consultation is completed respective Asha can be dispensed Drugs for Asha Drug Kit
    • If patient required any higher doctor consultation or surgery, then respective doctor will refer to referral hospital based on referral matrix
    • Once patient is referred to respective hospital

    Remote patient monitoring

    • Telemedicine solutions that fall into the remote patient monitoring (RPM) allow healthcare providers to track a patient’s vital signs and other health data from a distance. This makes it easy to watch for warning signs and quickly intervene in patients who are at health-risk or are recovering from a recent surgery, for example. This can be done through ASHA workers.