Health Essentials


Doon Hospital Training

As a part of Uttarakhand telemedicine program implementation in state. Training of all specialist doctors in medical college is conducted successfully. Principal of Doon medical college Dr.Ashutosh Sayana and Chief…
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Equipment Receiving Photos

As a part of Uttarakhand telemedicine program development component and for conducting video consultation services from primary health centre to medical colleges the tablets and other required equipment’s has been…
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Radio Frequency Tower Installation

As a part of Uttarakhand telemedicine program deployment and to provide seamless services of teleconsultation in state. Radio frequency towers has been installed at primary health centres to provide internet…
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Tips for Eating Healthy When You’re Working From Home

You’re on a conference call and somehow wandered into the kitchen. Next thing you know you’re eating crackers and dry cereal out of the box. Or maybe you got so…
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Why Coronavirus Cases At Young Is Bad News

A new surge of coronavirus cases has spread across the country and while there’s still so much to learn about the virus, how it’s transmitted and its long-term effects, the…
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Why Do People Get Kidney Stones in the Summer?

Summer may have just officially started, but kidney stone season began a couple of weeks ago. Doctors see an increase in kidney stone cases when the weather warms up.
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