Category: Tele medicine

Doon Hospital Training

As a part of Uttarakhand telemedicine program implementation in state. Training of all specialist doctors in medical college is conducted successfully. Principal of Doon medical college Dr.Ashutosh Sayana and Chief medical superintendent Dr K.C Pant actively participated and addressed the specialist doctors. All specialist doctors of 11 different specialities participated in the training session
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Equipment Receiving Photos

As a part of Uttarakhand telemedicine program development component and for conducting video consultation services from primary health centre to medical colleges the tablets and other required equipment’s has been delivered at all primary health centres which will strengthen the healthcare system of Uttarakhand
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Radio Frequency Tower Installation

As a part of Uttarakhand telemedicine program deployment and to provide seamless services of teleconsultation in state. Radio frequency towers has been installed at primary health centres to provide internet services at primary health centres, so that uninterrupted video consultation can be possible from remote hilly area of Uttarakhand.​
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